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Looking for a job that will “Blow you away?”

Employee Perks

pro Do employees are entitled to 1 free blow out each week Monday-Thursday (excluding holidays) and 40% off retail products

pro Do flower
Stable Pay

pro Do flower

pro Do flower
All Supplies provided

pro Do flower
No experience needed

pro Do flower
No clientele needed

pro Do flower
Flexible schedule

Our Culture

Our goal is to have everyone who’s worked at pro Do to honestly be able to say that pro Do was their favorite place they’ve ever worked. We are a family at pro Do and we honor and support each one of you. We don’t gossip, demine or speak negatively about each other ever! We want everyone to love coming to work.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7:00-7:00
Saturday 9:00-7:00
Sunday 9:00-2:00

How to Apply:

Fill out the application below and attach your resume.

Job Application


Maximum file size: 10MB

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