May 02

Tru Beauty Night

The ladies of pro Do received a special treat on Monday-a makeup tutorial from the amazing Andy Truong! When picking a model for his tutorial, Andy said the first person to him could do it…so, naturally, Alex couldn’t help but vault over the counter, because getting your makeup done by Andy is quite the treat. He is so talented!




We seriously couldn’t believe how much of a difference his tricks and tips made. Alex’s favorite part of the simple, daytime look Andy created was her brows. She was thrilled at how he transformed her fuzzy, overdue-for-a-wax caterpillars into perfect frames for her face, following the current trend for full and natural-looking eyebrows.


Tip #1: Andy’s secret to beautiful brows? The Anastasia Brow Wiz from Sephora. Using light, hair-like strokes, the pencil softly fills in and shapes while the spooly brush combs unruly brows and blends the pencil for a softer, more natural look. Andy then ran some Maybelline Clear Mascara lightly over her brows to hold them in place and keep them fleek all day.

Cara browsMaybelline Clear Mascara

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Tip #2: Andy suggests to use a cooler tone for your contour, rather than a bronzer. Contouring is all about creating dimension, which dramatizes the shadows of your face. Look for a color more along the gray scale, like NYX Taupe Sculpt Matte or NYX HD Blush in Taupe, because shadows are more gray than they are bronze.

beauty by andy 2

 Beauty by Andy

NYX Taupe

Now show us what you’ve got! We would love to see and hear how these tips turn out on you. Comment below or send content to

Stay beYOUtiful!