Now that we are finally getting back to normalcy (well kind of) we can finally add some fun accessories to our hair. We recently partnered with Kaxi, a fun local business that has the cutest hair accessories. You can purchase these at any of our pro Do locations!

Root Spray

What is root spray? Root spray is a temporary cover up that washes out. Its great for those of you who have roots showing that can’t get to your stylist to color your hair. It’s perfect if you want to cover the gray in your hair.

We use both Kevin Murphy and Style Edit products. Both provide multiple options in both powder and spray forms.

Application: shake well, apply to part and hairline, put hand in place so you do not get any on face.

Warning: watch out for transfer. Rainy days and sweat might make color drip down.

*If you come into pro Do, you can ask your stylist for root spray and they will match it to your hair color for you:)

Hair Products

Our favorite products:

The following are great for when your hair is wet:

7 Seconds Styling Spray- This is a Stylists favorite. It is a leave in conditioner that you can use on all hair types.

Unite Oil– Great for most hair types. If you have fine hair make sure to use a very small amount, it goes a long way.

Kevin Murphy Body Builder– This is great for people with fine hair. It is a mousse that you can apply to your roots to give you an instant lift.

Kevin Murphy Smooth again– Use if you have coarse, frizzy hair. This is an anti-frizz, it will help get your hair nice and soft.


Living Proof Heat Styling Spray– This can be used when you are going to flat iron your hair or curl your hair.

Living Proof Flex Hairspray– Normally we would not recommend hairspray when curling unless it has a heat protectant in it. This is a super soft hold and it will also protect your hair while curling.


Kevin Murphy Do Over Spray– Gives your hair a nice hold and some texture.

Living Proof Dry Volume Blast– This is great to add a little texture but not too much so you are able to run your fingers through your hair still.


Kevin Murphy Session Spray Flex– This is good for a softer hold.

Living Proof Control Spray– This is good for a firm hold.


Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair

Living Proof Dry Shampoo