3 Reasons You Should Go Longer Between Hair Washes

Since we are all stuck at home being quarantined try training your hair to go longer between washes. This can make your hair so much healthier and less dry. Also, why wash your own hair when you have pro Do to do that for you when we reopen our doors! Here are 3 reasons you should go longer between washes:

  1. Your hair won’t be dry
  2. Your hair will be shinier- since you won’t be washing your hair as often, you won’t be stripping your hair and it will force itself to use its natural oils.
  3. Your hair color will last longer- “Hair color is like clothes: The more you wash them, the more worn out and faded they become,” -Will Francis

Our favorite thing to do with our hair when its greasy and dirty is to put it on top of our head in a bun. That way it wont be in your face bothering you. Let’s all try to go a couple days longer between our hair washes! How long can you go?

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