3 Styling Tools for Curling Hair

Need help curling your hair? Here are 3 styling tools you can use for curling your hair:

1.Wand– How to Use: Heat it up, wrap your hair around it, hold it in place, and take it out.

Benefits: Its very user friendly.

Pros/Cons: Creates soft curls, Easy to use, Curls do not last very long.

2.Curling Iron– How to Use: For a nice beachy wave start about halfway on your strands and work up.

Benefits: Super easy to use.

Pros/Cons: Creates soft curls, Takes more practice, Curls last longer than the wand.

3.Flat iron– This is our favorite tool to use!

It creates the longest, lasting curls out of all the tools because it has the elements coming from both sides. How to use: Slide the flat iron down through your hair while you are holding in one place.

Pros/Cons: Long lasting, Hardest us use, Not easy to do at home.

Thats why we have pro do to help you with those flat iron curls that will last you for days!

3 tips when using heat on your hair:

  1. Don’t hold it in one place for too long.
  2. ALWAYS use heat protection
  3. Keep the temperature (if you have a temp control) between 390 and 400 degrees.
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