5 Perfect Gifts for Stocking Stuffers and Presents

It’s that time of year to start thinking about Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. We thought we would help you out by giving you a list of items we are sure your daughters, friends, mothers, you, and even your husbands/boyfriends might enjoy:

Helix hair ties– These are a better alternative to the regular hair ties. They are more comfortable (less headaches yay!), they don’t crease your hair, and you won’t have to be constantly fixing that ponytail because they don’t slip. Helix hair ties for the win!

Travel size products– most of our products by Living Proof and Kevin Murphy come in travel size. These are great for traveling, stocking stuffers, and when you want to try a new product without having to spend a lot of $

Regular sized products: We carry Living Proof and Kevin Murphy. If you need help deciding which product is best for a gift or you please feel free to ask us anytime:)

Pomade for guys– Guys use hair products too.

pro do gift cards– Give the gift of great hair!

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