5 Tips for Gray Hair

  1. Product for Mature hair

Try using Young Again by Kevin Murphy, it has immortelle, which reverses the signs of aging. Rejuvenating ingredients will help to restore a youthful look. It will soften coarse hair and hydrate.

2. Oils and Creams to Hydrate

Each product line has a good cream or good oil. Our favorite is the Young Again by Kevin Murphy. This will add hydration and moisture to dry, damaged hair. It is full of nutrients and antioxidant-rich.

3. Root Spray

Kevin Murphy touch up is great for when grey hair starts growing in and you don’t have a chance to get to your stylist. It will buy you a little extra time. This product is light weight and will add a natural shine.

4. Lighten up

Lightening your base color and or adding some highlights will help blend your greys as they grown in.

5. Color Care

If you are covering up your gray with color I would suggest you use really good color care shampoo and conditioner (living proof). Choose a purple option if you are letting your grey grow.

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