5 Tips For Healthy Hair During the Winter

Winter can be hard on our bodies. We lose a lot of moisture making us very dry. Here are a few tips to keep our hair healthy in the winter as well as our bodies:

  1. GO LONGER BETWEEN WASHES– Washing your hair regularly can have negative effects and dry your hair out. The weather is already making everything dry so the longer you can go between washes the less dry your hair will be.
  2. DRINK MORE WATER– You always need to get plenty of water but during the winter months it is important to be getting a little bit more. Try taking a water bottle everywhere you go. You will notice yourself reaching for your water bottle more often.
  3. EAT FOODS WITH VITAMIN C – Try to get more vegetables especially those leafy greens and fruit. These will increase your Vitamin C levels and provide your body with nutrients. Next time your at the store try a new vegetable that maybe you haven’t eaten in awhile. Also, taking a Vitamin C tablet as well as other vitamins can help as well.
  4. EAT HEALTHIER FATS– Getting the right fats can help bring moisture back into the body. Try avocados, healthy oils, nuts, and fatty fish.
  5. DEEP CONDITION– Using a hair mask at least once a week or after every 3-4 washes can help with moisture as well as static. Try using the Kevin Murphy masque or Living Proof mask treatment.
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