5 tips to maintain hair in the Summer!

IT’S SUMMER! Who else is happy about the sunny weather?

Summer time can be harsh on our hair. We are in the sun a lot more which believe it or not is a bit damaging to our hair and skin.  Here are 5 tips to maintain your hair during the Summer heat:

1.Use less heat- The sun is already drying out your hair so try using less heat tools and where a hat as often as possible.  Try out a leave in conditioner with UV protectant. One of our favorites is 7 Seconds, leave in conditioner by Unite. It makes your hair feel like butter and protects from heat and UV.

2. Products– Use lighter products and less of them. We sweat a lot in the summer, using less products won’t weigh your hair down as fast and you wont have to wash as frequently. Look for a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Our favorites are Kevin Murphy, Hydrate Me and Living Proof, Restore. These will make your hair feel so moisturized and soft.

3. Swim– Before you swim coat your hair in oil that way your hair is absorbing less of the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool. Plus this will keep your hair hydrated. One of our favorites is the Kevin Murphy, Young Again.

4. Hydration/Moisture– Deep condition your hair to maintain that moisture. Find a good mask and do this at least once a week to maintain that hydration. Our favorite is the Living Proof, Mask Treatment. You will love this product!

5. Drink lots of water- Keeping your body hydrated will keep your hair hydrated. Always keep your water bottle with you. We can provide you one when you come into pro Do;)

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