Beach Hair


Headed to the beach here are 3 must have products since you can’t take us with you.


1. Leave in Conditioner– This will help protect your hair from the damage the sun does. It has UV protection. It also softens, detangles and leaves your hair feeling amazing. You will wonder how you ever travelled without it. For those of you who are doing carry ons we have a TSA approved size.

2. Curl Enhancing Product– Since we can’t be there to style your hair to perfection this product will help you define your curls so you can rock those natural waves. It smells amazing too!

3. Deep condition– Deep conditioner will help repair your hair and give you added moisture that is lost. Apply in the shower or better yet apply it to your hair before you head to the beach and let it sit in your hair until you are ready for a dip in the water.

1. Don’t go on your vacation without your wet brush. This will help detangle your hair without any snags.

2. Most important tip is to wear a hat, not only will it protect your hair but it will also protect your face and scalp.

Tips from Jen

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