Hair Extensions!

I have too much hair… said NO woman ever! Not all of us have been blessed with thick hair. Thank goodness for hair extensions. For those of you who wear extensions or thinking about getting extensions here are some helpful tips:

If you can, try to have two sets of extensions: one straight and one curly. That way you are putting less damage on the hair extensions. This will help them to last way longer and it will save you time because they are always ready to go.

MAINTAINING AND WASHING: Wash your extensions based on how much you wear them. If you wear them a lot, you wash them more often. The best thing to do when washing your extensions is to take them into the shower with you and then lay them out to air dry.

CREATE A SYSTEM: Mark your extensions so you know where each piece goes on your head. When clipping on your head make sure you clip them right on your hair.

FINE HAIR: Worried about slippage on fine hair? Back comb each section where you will be applying the clip and spray a little hairspray before you clip it in.

REMOVAL TIP: When removing extensions make sure when you unclip you slide it up so you do not pull any hair out.

-STORAGE TIP: place hair in your hanger and store in bag.

If you don’t want to attempt this yourself for an additional $10 you can add it on to any service and pro Do will do it for you.

If you are a visual learner instead, click on the link below and Jen can help you with those extensions.

Hair Extensions with Jennifer Johnson

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