The Importance of Scalp Health

The Importance of Scalp Health

Your hair health starts from the roots. A scalp massage while washing your hair can help reduce product buildup by removing dead skin cells and stimulate hair growth by promoting blood circulation. A regular scalp routine boosts your hair’s natural beauty by supporting the health of your scalp and in return you hair. To level-up your scalp health, follow a regular scalp regimen.

Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Regimen

Step 1. Scalp Spa Scrub

KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA SCRUB is a unique exfoliating scrub that gently scrubs away impurities from the scalp and hair follicle to provide the foundation for optimal scalp health and hair growth.

Step 2. Scalp Spa Wash

KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA WASH is a specially formulated shampoo designed with Micellar Water & Celery Seed Extract to soothe and cleanse the scalp. Leaving the hair feeling clean and moisturized.

Step 3. Scalp Spa Treatment

KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA TREATMENT is a concentrated foaming masque designed to relieve sensitive scalps and restore scalp health to promote healthier hair.

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