5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

1. Sunscreen

Apply your regular sunscreen to your scalp. Don’t bother applying any to your hair, though! Sunscreen doesn’t protect your hair from UV rays like it protects the skin.

2. Cover Up

With a hat, that is! Not only will it protect your hair and scalp from the damaging effects of the sun, but it will keep your beautiful face shaded as well.

3. Deep Condition

Apply a deep conditioner once a week to your clean, wet hair just before you leave for the pool. Your cuticle will open up in the heat and absorb the hydration as you sit pool side.

4. Spray Conditioner

Your hair is like a sponge and will absorb the first thing it hits. Just before you get in the water, either douse it with a spray conditioner or get it wet with fresh water to help prevent as much pool water as possible from getting in.

5. Shampoo

Directly after you get out of the pool, wash your hair with a good, deep cleansing shampoo, and follow with a super hydrating conditioner ( we <3 Kevin Murphy’s Maxi Wash followed by their Hydrate.Me wash and rinse!). If nothing else, at least rinse your hair off with fresh water.

Living Proof!

Hello Lovely Ladies!

As many of you have noticed, pro Do has started carrying the Living Proof line! These sulfate- and paraben- free products are designed to repel dirt and oil, so you can go longer in between washes.

Yes ladies. That means your blowout will last even longer!

photo courtesy of www.livingproof.com

The science behind their products is pretty cool, with 3 molecular discoveries to help hair obtain and hold greater volume and texture, increase thickness and fullness, and, as mentioned earlier, repel dirt and oil for all over healthier hair. It’s also great to use on extensions! Living Proof allows users to go beyond a quick fix, with hair becoming visibly healthier over time. And, get ready for the cherry on top…it smells amazing.

Living Proof is available at both the Draper and South Jordan locations. Ask your stylist for more information the next time you’re in!

Sulfates and Parabens: What’s All the Hype?

Sulfate free? Paraben Free? What does that even mean?

Ok so here’s the gist of it. Sulfates and parabens are chemicals that are found in many common beauty products, like your hair products, makeup, face wash, etc. While these chemicals do their job in your beauty products, they can have negative long-term effects! We’ll break down each for you:

Sulfates are foaming agents. While they are great to give you sudsy soap bubbles, they have been found to break down proteins, which have a degenerative effect on cells in the long run. In the hair care world? Sulfates can cause a dry, irritated scalp, leading to those white flakes appearing on your favorite black top. They can also fade your color and cause the hair to lose its shine.

Parabens prevent bacteria and act as preservative. Although it has not been proven that parabens cause cancer by any means, fairly large amounts of parabens have been found present in breast tumors, leading researchers to believe it may be a possible cause or link to breast cancer.

Do my beauty products contain parabens or sulfates?? Both chemicals are fairly easy to recognize on the ingredient list on your beauty products; the chemical name will have “sulfate” or “paraben” as part of it, such as “butylparaben” and “sodium laureth sulfate.” Remember: the higher up on the list of ingredients, the higher content of that chemical!

Now, don’t be TOO frightened of these facading factors. While both have been found to link to potentially hazardous problems, there is no solid evidence or causation proof. So don’t go throwing away every single product that have the words “sulfate” or “paraben” on the ingredients list!

But, if you’re like us, and like to play it on the safe side, love your color to last, hair to be hydrated, and your “do” en pointe, we highly recommend the Kevin Murphy line and the Living Proof line (which we just recently started carrying!). Both are sulfate- and paraben-free, but will still give you an amazing lather, have a long shelf life, and oh….smell AMAZING. Do you have a favorite sulfate or paraben free beauty product? Spill! Comment below and let us know!

News Flash

Did you catch us on THE PLACE Fox 13 this Thursday talking about biz! More details to come!!

Hair Fact

ⓗⓐⓘⓡ ⓕⓐⓒⓣ Is your ponytail hurting you? Hair ties are not your hair’s best friend. They can cause serious breakage, fizz, and fly-aways. If possible cut back on hair tie use-age. (sometimes…you just gotta let your hair down! 



Styling Tip of the Month – November ’14

ⓣⓘⓟ ⋙ Blow dry your hair the right way- Direct the dryers nozzle down the hair shaft as you hold each section of hair with a round brush. Follow pressing the cool button on your dryer. The cool air has a similar affect as a cool rinse after washing your hair by sealing the cuticle and making it shiny.  (and if you can’t figure it out…visit your local blow dry bar! 


Hair Fact – Nov. 12, 2014

ⓗⓐⓘⓡ ⓕⓐⓒⓣ
➟ When shampooing your hair make sure you massage your scalp using the tips of your fingers in a circular motions to give it a full cleanse.

Make sure you rinse your hair completely.

➟When shampooing the ends, just gently run the shampoo through it.  They don’t need to be scrubbed (and quite frankly…they don’t like it!)

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