Detox Shampoos

What is a Detox Shampoo and why should I use one?

A detox shampoo removes build-up of unwanted products, hard water, and chemicals from the hair.

Maxi Wash by Kevin Murphy

  1. Tea tree oil brightens the hair while balancing the scalp.
  2. Rosemary leaf extract helps to protect the hair and preserve hair colour.

Wash, Rinse, Detox– Apply to wet hair and massage gently through the hair and scalp (do not scrub) leave for 1 minute and rinse.

Kevin Murphy Products In Draper

Perfect hair Day- Triple Detox Shampoo

  1. Activated charcoal absorbs oil from scalp and hair.
  2. Witch hazel helps moisturize the scalp.

How to Use: Apply to wet hair, lather, rinse. Follow with conditioner. For hard water buildup removal, leave on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.

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