Why You Should Deep Condition Your Hair

What is deep hair conditioning?

Deep conditioner restores the hair. Deep condition your hair to maintain moisture and bring life back to every strand. Find a good mask and do this at least once a week to maintain hydration. Our favorite is the Living Proof, Mask Treatment as well as Kevin Murphy Masques. You will love these products!

What is the best deep conditioners?

We sell several deep conditioners at pro Do. Some of our favorites are Kevin Murphy:

Hydrate Me Masque: This deep conditioner gives your hair life. This is perfect if you live in dry, harsh climates aka Utah;). This will deliver your hair moisture and hydration.

Young Again Masque: Want young hair again? This conditioner is great for anti aging. It brings youth back to your hair.

Angel Masque: Have fine, damaged, fragile hair? This is the conditioner for you! The Angel Masque will provide strength to repair your hair. This will leave your hair feeling healthier, smoother, and shinier.

Living Proof:

Restore Mask Treatment: This works great on damaged hair. It will restore your hair and bring back moisture and hydration. This will strengthen the strands and make your hair healthy.

Utah Living Proof Mask Treatment

How do you use a deep conditioner?

  1. Wash hair twice- We like to use Maxi wash then Hydrate Me wash. (Ring out as much water as you can after you wash.)
  2. Apply Deep Conditioner- Be sure to distribute it through your ends.
  3. Clip hair up: Clip your hair up for 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse- Rinse with cool water to lock in moisture.
kevin murphy hydrate me masque in draper
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