pro Do turns 7!

We have been in business for 7 amazing years.

We are so humbled to not only be in business for 7 years, but thriving! We are so grateful for our team, who works hard every day to make pro Do so amazing, our guests that let us make their hair look beautiful, and everyone else along that way that has contributed to our success.

We love getting to know all of our members and making you feel beautiful. It takes a village. Can’t wait to see what the next years blow our way!

Also, each year we do our best to give back. For the last several years we have donated to the Christmas Box House organization, which is basically an emergency children’s shelter. “The Christmas Box International partners with local, national and international communities and groups to prevent child abuse and to improve the quality of life for children, teens and young adults who have been abused, neglected or are facing homelessness.” For more information on this wonderful organization click on the link above.

Thanks for being a part of the pro Do family. We love our job and being able to give you the best hairstyle possible:)

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